We Will Pay For Your Study And Certification In Information Security Compliance & Law

Cyber-Crime is a global issue that affects billions of people. Cyber-Crime prevention through skilled Information Security Management unlocks new and exciting career opportunities - Get your new Year going in the right direction - Become an Information Security Expert.

GDPR Forensic Limited is offering a limited number of USD $12,500 Scholarships to study and Certify in Information Security Compliance.

Applications from people who wish to study full-time or part-time are welcome. There are rewarding life changing career opportunities available for those that successfully complete the study program and achieve full certification.

We welcome and encourage you to apply regardless of age (minimum legal age is 18), gender, race, nationality or religion. We are seeking a diverse scholarship distribution of people from a broad range of countries. The Equal Opportunity provision in the ISO-Accredited examination policy and process encourages people with disabilities to apply as mobility is not a consideration.

For more information and to find out if you qualify for a scholarship, visit the website at https://www.dp.services/become-a-dpogp 

Applications close 28 February 2019 or once the Scholarship program is full.

We encourage you to forward this email to friends (or post it on Facebook etc.) if you know people that may benefit from studying to become Information Security experts.


  1. Nepal is not in the list of CSSNx locations. Does it mean I cannot participate in the scholarship program from Nepal?

    1. That is a great question! I'll answer it in two parts.

      Firstly, the scholarship program is open to all people regardless of location, race, religion, belief etc. So you may certainly apply for a scholarship. You can apply using this form http://bit.ly/2BUz4e8

      The second part of the answer regards the CSSNx network. We are looking to work with qualified people that complete the program to help us provide data protection services around the world. If you are not in a CSSNx region it means that their are no Data Protection Laws in your region, or we just don't have infrastructure to provide the service in your region. You may still participate in the CSSNx project and earn money, get more qualifications and training, discuss and meet other DPO's, but we just dont offer convergent facilities in the region. So there may be limited opportunities. This landscape is changing almost daily, so it may be totally different tomorrow.


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