Student News - New Law Search, "The Nexus" & More...

Student News - New Law Search, "The Nexus" & More...

GDPMS - Law Search 
It has been a busy week here at Data Protection HQ. We hope that you have had a great week too. We have finished and released the new GDPMS Law Search tool and we have created the Live Class video archive so you can watch a live class that you might have missed. There is tons of stuff going on all over the place...

Law Search Tool

We are proud to announce the release of our new Law Search tool which replaces the Reference Library in the GDPMS under the System Administration Menu. (All GDPMS Instances have been updated with the new tool.)

This is a super quick search tool that allows Boolean operators and refined search. With more than 1,000 documents relating to global Data Protection Laws, Legislation and Regulations already in the GDPMS library - this will be an invaluable tool for any DPO+G.

You can check it out! Visit your GDPMS Instance -> System Administration -> Reference Library. You can get some detailed help for the tool by clicking the Advanced Search link from the Law Search page.

Live Class Recording Archive

With the huge success of our first live classes last weekend, if you missed a class you can watch the video from all live classes in the Live Class Recording Archive. The live class archive is available to all students including those that didn't book to attend a class, so check them out and I guarantee there were so many really good questions asked, you will learn something new! You can get to the archive from the Online Live Classes web page.

We have already started to receive bookings for the next live classes at the end of the month, so book to attend so you don't miss out. And we have two special guest interviews coming up that will demonstrate what a business does to implement technical measures and what businesses want when they talk about Data Governance and the Information Security Management Framework (ISMF) and organisational measures. I can't wait for those. So book to catch these great discussions with these experts.

Scholarship Cancellation - Backfill

As we process the canceled scholarship applicants - there is a limited number of GUARANTEED places available to keep our learning numbers at efficient levels. If you know someone who would be able to start the Information Security Compliance & Law course on the 9th of June, 2019 as part of the 022019 Intake, get them to complete a Scholarship application immediately and jump right in. The rules are the same for all scholarship recipients regardless of the acquisition, but these are guaranteed places that were offered to other applicants, who failed to commence or make sufficient progress to remain in the program. So this is a great chance to get a place and learn this new highly sought after skill. What about your work colleagues... It would be great for your organisation!

CSSNx becomes "The Nexus"

The Customer Support and Service Network (CSSNx) becomes "The Nexus" and the Legal Opinion Repository Database (LORD) receives an upgrade.

As part of our Law Search upgrade in anticipation of the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) which comes into effect on the 1st of January, 2020 and changes to the Australian Privacy Act, which are anticipated any time from now to the end of the year - Increased fines to $10 million for serious data breach - we are starting to upgrade some of our legal services.

Derived from Latin, like most law and legal terms, we thought that this was fitting - as The Nexus brings together DPO+G/P, Data Subjects, Clients, Lawyers and Attorneys we somehow thought this was an awesome name - Here is the dictionary meaning...

  1. a connection or series of connections linking two or more things.
    • "the nexus between industry and political power"
      • a connected group or series.
        • "a nexus of ideas"
  2. a central or focal point.
    • "the nexus of any government in this country is No. 10"

Learn more about The Nexus


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