Student News - Moving to Moodle, Expert Interview & Booking Exams

Student News

Moving to Moodle, Expert Interview
& Booking Exams

Moving to Moodle

Due to extensive and ongoing issues experienced by students regarding the BrainCert service we have expanded the Data Protection Training Academy (TDPTA). We have worked around the clock to create a new learning experience using Moodle. Moodle is world renowned as a platform for learning. Students who wish to relocate to this new platform may request a transfer. We won't be extending the scholarship duration and there are no changes in the program for those who choose to move. If you are progressing on the BrainCert platform, without issue, then we suggest that you continue to use the platform. We will maintain the BrainCert platform until at least the end of October 2019, so all existing students can complete their current DPO+G training material. All Exams and the DPO+G/P training will all be on the Moodle platform moving forward.
If you would like to request a move to the new Moodle platform, please send an email to learning AT (make sure you include your Student ID) and we will facilitate a new account on the Moodle platform for you. If you move, you will need to start the training program again, but if you haven't progressed too far, that shouldn't be too much of an issue.

Security Expert Interview

The #1 question in the live classes was the role of a DPO and the GDPMS. So we tracked down some experts to share their "Insider Knowledge" with you about practical Data Security and Data Protection. This is a unique two-part series - in which we discuss with experts; Technical Measures and Organisational Measures and you as a DPO. In this first episode, we talk with Warwick, an IT Security Expert. He shares some great hacking stories and some real insight about how he works with DPOs.

Booking Exams

We have opened the Examination Booking window. Students who are ready to book for exams are now able to make an Exam booking.
You will need an Exam Coupon which you can obtain by emailing learning AT You MUST make your booking in accordance with the Examination Policy. You can book your exam anytime within your Scholarship Schedule.

Booking Live Classes

Bookings for the June Live Classes are filling up. Get your questions in and put on your thinking caps! There have already been some great questions, so this is a great opportunity to do some extra learning for free. Book to attend an Online Live Class.

Technical Problems or Issues?

We are here to help you! However, you must use the correct and appropriate channel so your request for assistance goes to the right people. Remember we do have thousands of active students, we can't remember you all, but we will do our best to assist you when you need it - identify yourself and your issue to save us trying to work out who you are. Ideally, emails should have a Subject that looks like this:
Student ID:000-0000/0 - What Your Issue Is
  • Software, Websites or other technical issues send an email to the Service Desk (making sure you include your Student ID or GDPMS ID) or open a support ticket at
  • Issues with your Scholarship or things about you as a person have a chat with learning services online, by visiting the website or send an email to learning AT
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